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OBI metal buckles - handbag accessories

OBI is an Italian designer and manufacturer of high quality custom designed accessories for handbags as metal fittings for bags, bag handles, combination locks, bag lock manufacturer and supplier.

Handbag Accessories:Metal Fittings for Bags,Bag Lock Manufacturer and Supplier

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OBI metal buckles and handbag accessories are sold to exclusive international fashion houses. Its management mantains its commitment to creativity, quality and technology.

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The Bamboo Collection: The economic boom in the 50s saw a vast range of options, from massed produce plastic bags to expensive crocodile bags. Metal and leather became less expensive and the handbag affordable. Bamboo hoop handles started a trend for distinctive handles and led to a vogue of mock tortoiseshell, metal ring handles and pearlized plastic. The brass handle of this collection is made to resemble bamboo, with similar motif on both the frame and clasp.

The Man on the Moon Collection: The 60s brought the extreme years of both formality and boldness. Several fabric changes from exotic skins, to tweed and tartans, to metallic materials evolved. Use of space materials for handbag, made of solid large chrome discs, received much interests. The circular metallic pieces of this metal handbag collection are molded over a woven silver sack fabric and large metal handles are held by silver colored leather.

The Revolution Collection: In the 70s, working women fashion prevailed and clothes style expressed diversity, moving into ethnic, unisex, casual, romantic. Music and fashion became inestricably linked. Shoulder bags proved the most flexible solution to the lack of style consistency, with the shoulder strap attached to a silver hook, while a silver fish-shape fittinf grace the pocket.

The Power Glamour Collection: Fashion design for European style products, clothes style and accessories. Linear design and metal logo.

The Essential Collection: For men and women carrying mobile phones and computer organizers in their bags. The minimalist style of gilt leather handles expresses the period of cutting edge styles of the 90s.


OBI S.p.A. - Via A.Chiari, 4 - 50127 Florence, Tuscany (Italy) - Tel. +39 055 3426611 Fax. +39 055 315280

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